The Lair of the Necromancer

“Pft, it won’t be dangerous! T’is just dead things!” Willamina pulled Pascolino along through nektulos forest by the arm, eager to show off her new adventuring location. She’d stumbled into it by accident, after hearing some tidbits from her friend Gholdmoon. She had not intended on wandering through the darkened tunnels, no not at the time. But she certainly had a lot of fun while she did it! It was something that had to be shared! It was far better then trees that moved. Those things gave her the creeps.

The Lair of the Necromancer is a solo instance (but a group can zone in, or at least a group of two can, I’ve yet to try it with more) which is located directly behind the dragoon you use in the heritage quest shiny brass halberd, which I’m sure I’ll be doing some time shortly. It has a very small loot table, but was still pretty fun and while it’s a cut and paste version of the fallen gate instance, the final boss room has some nice looking statues.

Willamina is now a 27 necromancer, 24 sage, I’ll have to catch her up again. I’ve been using Silverstep to farm T3 roots for the tailor, who is just a smidgen away from 29 now. The blasted crafting books are exceptionally expensive for 20-29 it seems, I’ve little to no chance of grabbing advanced jeweler volume 28. It has all the palladium recipes in it, and is sought after by numerous people (unfortunately). The others are still sitting at their regular levels, Ricotta 26 jeweler since I’ve been lack luster in playing her. Nesia is way behind in carpenter levels, but I’ll get to it eventually!

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