While my tailor may have hit 30, there’s no way I am going to be able to gather the books that I’m missing when they’re going for obscene amounts of gold. I felt bad even spending 21g on one of my books (which I did simply because I needed to make something from it). It wouldn’t be quite so bad if it were only the tailoring books that were going through this sort of price spike, however it is all crafts. My sage is experiencing the same thing, as well as my jeweler. I haven’t even seen advanced jeweler 28 on the market for the past three weeks. There are some sage books that are currently selling for over a plat.. That seems drastically high to me.

So who prices them this way? Farmers? Typical players out there trying to make some money? I admit, I have priced a few of my level 20 books for 15g. It was well below what they were typically going for, and I sold them the same day I put them for sale. But I would never charge more then that for such a low level crafting book, of that I’m certain. It doesn’t do me any good to vent about it really, but it’s on my mind none the less. I realize most of my posts have been about crafting lately, but it’s because that’s simply what I’ve been spending my time doing.

A huge thank you to Cordanim for posting about Qumana Blog Manager on his site, which is actually pretty spiffy and is what I’m using currently to type out this post, while I get a feel for it. It’s user friendly (for the most part) and not complicated, and gives you slightly more user interface options then just the basic word press template.

In other news. I ended up raiding Labs two nights ago with Second Dawn, which was an experience. I had applied to their guild last week, and received no word from them back at all. Assuming this meant I was not what they were looking for, I thought little more about them because well, I know my abilities, and I know I’m a damn fine healer. So I applied to Shadow Syndicate, as well as Souls of Betrayal. SS invited me along for a labs raid, but were not 100% that there would be room for me. While I was gathered outside waiting to see, SD came along and spotted me. Their raid must have had an empty slot or two, because they asked me if I’d like to tag along. Since SD was my primary choice (at the time) I agreed, and explained the situation to SS who said that was fine they understood, SD is a completely different atmosphere then most guilds, being the ‘best’ raiders on Najena. The raid went fine, no deaths aside from one silly wipe where the healers were not curing the MT’s debuffs in time before he would die. Vyemm was pretty easy, and I was doing my job just fine (in my opinion), being a completely new raider with them, and not par taking on their teamspeak channel, meaning I had no clue what tactics they used for any mob, nor resists, nor anything really since they didn’t speak up to me about where to stand. That’s fine, I’m not new to this game I can look and follow where the other healers are just fine. Afterwards an officer told me they liked what they saw, and that they would be in touch next week.

Now the issue is, I’m not actually certain I want to join. Hey, why not? Is what most people would ask. But I think it’s just nice knowing I am good enough to get in if I wanted. I take pride in knowing my character, and playing her well. I like knowing I am not only good, I am the best, at what I do. I feel as though I am. However. I like to play this game on my terms for the most part. I like to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Hence the 10 characters I have currently. I can flip flop to any one depending on my mood. I can farm or craft or play a lowbie or play a level 70, or play mid level characters based on my whims. A raiding guild does not allow for that. So, my thoughts currently, are that I’ll just stay un-guilded, and play my alts and enjoy the game and have fun, until November when the new expansion comes out, and then perhaps see where things sit. I don’t need a big uber raiding guild, I’ve done that before. Meh. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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