I’m so tired of getting these tells from people that go on and on about buying plat from them. At least once or twice a day, for the past two weeks this has been happening. The GM’s are useless in this matter, there’s pretty much nothing they can do, as each time I’ve /reported it, and also then /petitioned the names. By the time they can figure out something, someone with a different name but the same message is bothering me about buying more online gaming money. It’s exceptionally frustrating. Especially since it’s interfering with playing the game, getting these spam messages. /Ignore is of no use since its’ very rarely the same name bothering you again

In other news. Got Willamina to level 30 necromancer, 29 sage. Books of course are still eluding me, what else is new. I also made a handful more alts, a templar and a few other little ones to play with, including an iksar shadowknight. Granted shadowknights are not rare at all, but I don’t play a tank class often and wanted a change. In fact, I don’t play tank classes at all (Calicia is an exception, and she’s more dps then tank). I hate tanking. I would much rather heal or stab or nuke. Speaking of stabbing I made an assassin as well. Feeling sentimental I suppose after I deleted my level 44. She’s only level 3 so she’s not big enough for anything at all right now, but it’s fun none the less.

The guild is growing quite nicely. We have 27 members now and 13 unique accounts or something like that. Guild level 6. Everyone is quickly approaching the level 30 mark, though I think we’ve done armor quests like 20 times now lol. I still don’t know anyone that well, and tend to keep my distance, but it’s fun. I do admit I get annoyed at dying from simple stuff that everyone should be able to use common sense to know, but well that is just me and my play habits.

I have a sudden craving for gummie worms.. more ranting later!.

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