Anyone who’s spent any time raiding T7 zones such as labs and lyceum, knows (or should know) what relic armor is. It’s class specific patterns that drop, and are no trade. You eagerly look forward to some of these drops, there’s a full set for everyone after all. If you’re lucky enough to get a piece, you head off to Sol. eye with a combination of gems, turn them in at the forge, and get your new piece, like this breast plate above which is what Silverstep wears. No, it’s not the best gear in the game, but it drops off of trash mobs, and you could literally spend months just farming trash mobs with your guild and it’s not that difficult, inabling you to gear them all up this way. Fabled gear is fabled gear after all. The legs and breastplates all come with some very nice procs / cast timer reducers etc. The healer ones typically increase the amounts healed by that classes main heal (and is the one piece I’d love Silverstep to get her hands on, unfortunetly I just haven’t dedicated myself to wanting to raid that much lately besides the odd one here and there).

Of course that gets boring fast, after all who wants to spend 2-3 hours every night farming trash mobs and no named in the off chance that maybe a piece of precious relic or two will drop. Even then there’s chain plate leather and cloth, you’ve got a 1:4 chance of it being an armor type that you can wear. Plus competition from your guild mates (these relic pieces only drop from x4 instances that I know of).

In any case, I got tired of having to ask what gems went for what piece, so, here is a handy little list for anyone who’s got the same issues as me.

** note: Must be 65+ to hand in the armor + gems at the forge **

Chest: 3 pristine Moonstones
Legs: 3 exquisite Emeralds
Shoulders: 3 exquisite Malachites
Forearms: 3 exquisite Onyx
Head: 3 exquisite Opals
Hands: 3 exquisite Peridots
Feet: 3 exquisite Pearls

Chest Piece – 3 Pristine Chrysoberyls
Legs – 3 Immaculate Bloodstones
Shoulders – 3 Immaculate Nephrites
Forearms – 3 Immaculate Gold Beryls
Head – 3 Immaculate Saphires
Hands – 3 Immaculate Garnets
Feet – 3 Immaculate Amethysts

Chest: Pristine Ruby x3
Legs: Flawless Azurite x3
Shoulder: Flawless Rose Quartz x3
Forearm: Flawless Turquoise x3
Head: Flawless Amber x3
Gloves: Flawless Red Beryl x3
Boots: Flawless Jade x3

Head: 3 Refined Aquamarines
Chest: 3 Pristine Obsidians
Shoulders: 3 Refined Adamantines
Forearms: 3 Refined Quartz
Hands: 3 Refined Topaz
Legs: 3 Refined Black Pearls
Feet: 3 Refined Rubies

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