Last night we (implying me and my 5 other guild mates who were grouped together in thundering steppes, working on the dreaded armor quests) had a pleasant surprise, Pascolino was busy telling a story to a bunch of people (how he can off and ramble about his adventures while we’re busy killing griffins I’ve no idea) which I’ll post here following, but anyhow, Tixha the guide from the shattered lands stopped by seemingly out of no where to watch our little adventures. Whether it was Pascolino’s story or the fierce battles that brought her our way we’re really not certain, but it was fun none the less. Pleasant and ‘cute as a button’ as she put it, she handed out cake and latte to the entire group, what sweetness! I asked if I could take her picture and she said she could dance for me, it was funny. Though she did come to us in the form of a Ratonga, I think the looks Splooge was giving her was enough to turn her into something less yummy looking.

We managed to complete two armor quests, for Ynn and Mareck, though we did have our fair share of deaths along the way. We also picked up a few new guild members. It’s refreshing at times to be playing with new people. Frustrating at other times since they’re (not their fault) a little less…. experienced…in most cases.

So, Pascolino is known and becoming more known on the server for his stories that he tells. They’re always truthful from what I can grasp, and I enjoy listening to them. He decided last night he would tell the tale of how he ‘obtained’ Silverblade, the name of his weapon that shoots lightning from it every so often. The 20-29 channel listened eagerly to the tale, so here it is:

“Pascolino momma is very poor and she must support 7 girls so it is up to pascolino to support her. Now when i live in freeport i hang out with my best friend Rrrico-Tah! she a ratonga, she teach me how to steal from the richer denizens, yes the dark elves…She much better than pascolino at stealing but she always disappear and leave Pascolino to earn his own way, so the first time pascolino try to steal from dark elves alone, was the time he find this sword. now pascolino no know how to pick houses like rrico-tah but momma need money so i try anyway,…i find one in south freeport that smell like perfume like a lady…*breathes in* ahhhh yes Pascolino know there are treasures inside.

“So i use my Swashbuckler skills to break in, and in the dark i rummaged about but found nothing, not even 1 jewel. i did not have much time to search when the lights turned on and before me the most striking, ebautiful Dark Elf woman imaginable appeared. Pascolino did not know whether to stare or run, of course I choose run eventually and made for the window.

Maebus chimed in and said “and that was when she turned you into a frog, yes?”

No But she did use MAGIC! She cast a spell and pascolino froze he could not run. then she spoke what are you doing in my residence infidel, do you knwo the penalty for breaking into a Teir Dals home? Pascolino could not lie, so i say proudly I am pascolino Ciete’bellezzas and i come here to steal from you to support my MOMMA. I saw her chuckle….for a dark one her face was kind …then she say It is punishable by death to steal from a woman of my rank…but you have a certain silly charm about you Pascolino Ciete’bellezzas. i think make the face like a see puppies do to help me squeeze out of trouble. o finally the Dark one, she walks to a chest You are bold and i see some promise in you, and for this ill allow you to leave, but know that you will owe the dark lady Silverstep a request in the days to come then she walk over to a chest and out of it pull out this sword, a pristine imbued steel falchion, its blade gleamed boldly she say take this Pascolino, you will not leave my house empty handed but remember you owe me now.

Now Rico-ta say don’t do it, never trust the dark elves they bad people, but Pascolino say this woman too beautiful to be bad, and besides momma always say every woman no matter how mean has a lil sugar in her heart. You just need to stir the pot. So i take the sword and say pascolino CIete’bellezzas will shout your name whenever i use it i say this proudly then i bow! but before i can readjust myself from the bow, the woman silverstep she kick me swiftly and very hard right in the chin!!! Before i was overwhelmed by darkness she said And that is what you get for breaking into my home. I wake up later in the ruins outside freeport, i still had the sword and now a very sore jaw! But i use the sword and shout her name, and that is how i acquire this weapon!!! The Silverblade (i name it myself). That is my story friends, thank you for listening, just don’t tell momma I steal, or she would beat me!

And there you have it, more or less the story that Pascolino told last night. This may not be an RP server, but as long as there are a few people interested in it, it’s fun. The night may not have been exceptionally productive from my point of view. I hate dying after all. I’m impatient, and moody as of late for other reasons that don’t involve the game, but it was nice to be able to let my mind wander and not always dwell on sad things. The guide coming by was just icing on the cake.

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