The ancient watcher is an epicx2 encounter that hangs out in an instance in Antonica called the condemned catacombs. It’s a great little zone with 4-5 named, though none give aa exp, crafting books do drop there a lot, the mob loot is not great in fact it’s quite poor –but– there is one quest for a ring that has a haste buff on it, as well as some fairly good stats. Issue is, this guy hurts. A lot. It’s meant to be taken down with a single group, and if you go to him lower then level 35 you’re going to get hurt. He has a knock back as well as an aoe cold dmg and a stun, guild decided to try him with a level 27 monk, 30 zerker, 28 bard, 30 warden, 33 swashbuckler, and I brought my 63 coercer and mentored down to 33. It was a night of guildies, and it was actually fun. I did have to /leave group a few times since the 6 hour lock out is not something we wanted to have to deal with, it was more of a precaution then anything else. Unfortunately we were just too small to take him down.

I did enjoy playing the coercer though. In fact I got fairly good experience despite my mentored state and 75% reduced exp. I figure maybe I’ll play her a little more often, I know a friend of mine on Lucan actually managed to hit 70 that way, by mentoring the guildies as they leveled up through their 50/60’s. It’d also give Stargrace a chance to complete more of the lower end quests, and get some aa’s along the way since she’s slacking.

Calicia hit 30, Ricotta hit 30, Willamina hit 32, it was a pretty productive day. Ricotta also did the instance inside of Fallen gate with the guild, the named at the end of FG was up and a very nice fabled item dropped for Gael, +12 wis and +12 int on a level 20 item as well as some power and hp.. *drools* Ricotta snagged a +10 int +10 agi fabled ring inside of the instance. Hopfully everyone had a good time as well.

Not only did we do all that, but we ended up doing the Scarecrow King quest. Another epicx2 under our belts. He has an icky 30/40 second stun and a few friends, but Ricotta managed to get her pumpkin head mask, as well as her evil pitchfork house item, which will probably go to Silverstep unless I do the quest for her as well. It was in fact a day for epics, we (implying the guild) headed off after the Windstalker Rumbler, as well as Vorn Scuttlebrow.

The loot was exceptionally disappointing, on both epics. They dropped level 7 gear, just regular stuff. No guild status even though they’re ‘contested’ epics, and it was highly disappointing. Of course, a nice notch in our little guilds belt, to be taking down epics already, but still…..

Oh, and we hit guild level 7. Like I said, a productive night.

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