First of all, this little bit of humour just made my day. I suggest ya’ll take a peek at it, especially if you’re a female gamer.

Because I have so many alts, it’s a rare treat to feel like playing my ‘main’ these days. I’m typically content to wander the lands of Norrath with whomever I feel like on a whim, and I don’t plan which character to play. I actually had a desire to play Silverstep though, so I headed off to Forsaken City to clear up Brother Lycabe’s trial that’s been sitting in my quest journal for quite some time, and grab access to the 3rd floor of the Tower of Winds in the Village of Shin. For those unfamiliar, this is part of the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack. Each time you complete two quests per floor of the tower, it allows you access to the next one up. Until finally you managed to get a quest called ‘The Rift’ and you remember why you hate adventure packs. Well, not really. It just involves a very difficult zone, that I’ve been in twice now and came out naked. Not just because I was in some pick up group either, I entered this zone with a full group of T7 fabled people, who have taken down Tarinax. Soo yeah, it hurts. Anyhow.

Managed to finish off my quest and gain the access I needed, then I relogged to Willamina and met up with Osgz and Gholdmoon for some Foomby action. Completed his heritage quest with little trouble, and decided to finish of what I could of the shiny brass halberd, which was right up until the ring event at the end. After that, I logged back on to Silverstep, and got asked about a lyceum trash run, which I joined eagerly. No wipes, except once at the very first on a bad positioning, which was nice. After that it was a 30 minute break and a labs run.

I love labs, I think it’s a fantastic raid zone. However, Vyemm is not so fun. We had no coercer to split the pair up, and our guardian tank had to split after a few hours so we were working with a shadowknight tank. We attempted to monk pull / tag the encounter, and I called it in group chat when I said “5 plat says he stops to aoe the entire raid first on incoming and half of us die”….. it’s exactly what happened. Not once.. but twice.

So we didn’t manage to squish Vyemm this time, but did pretty well with 14 drops for people. I passed on the relic leather forearms as mine were not that bad and I had my fingers crossed for some relic leather boots. Unfortunetly you know how it goes, the gear drops when you’re not able to roll / not there, and it never drops when you are. Ah well perhaps next time! A pretty good day none the less. Sorry for lack of interesting posts or screen shots, I tend to slack on the weekends some what.

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