A huge huge thank you to Ynnasiel from Valorous Union (the little guild I am in with 8 of my alts) for finding this huge treasure for me! This is the one tradeskill book that I have been waiting on forever, that I’ve never seen for sale, that has all of the palladium combines in it. She managed to snag it off of some unfortunate giant in thundering steppes, and let me tell you, Ricotta could not be happier. Well, maybe with some more cheese she could be but still, what an amazing gift. Especially since I know this could potentially sell for at least a plat (not that I’d ever pay that price). It certainly made my night.

Went with Silverstep and raided lyceum trash last night, only had one piece of relic drop, a chain breastplate. Not that I care so much I was hoping for relic leather boots, and unfortunately so are about 6 other leather wearers, so my chances of actually getting them are pretty slim to none. The shoes are the only piece of gear that I’d really like for my warden as she’s wearing mastercrafted at the moment and it looks exceptionally out of place on her.

Played Willamina a little as well, helping Pascolino finish off his access quest for CoD (boo, how come they removed access for every single other zone and left this one there?!) before raids, and Tixha came to visit again! She heard Pascolino talking in the 30’s channel and I said hello to her, she pounced and came to visit us, giving us treats again as always. Unfortunately everyone in VU plays way later then I do, and by the time my raids were over it was well past bed time, from the looks of guild event they headed off to RoV and did the instance in Fallen Gate (cries!) at least everyone seemed to have fun.

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