(( Since Silverstep was started on an Rp server, and my account expires tomorrow.. it seemed only fitting.. that she also have an rp ‘ending’ ))

Silverstep glanced around the once lush home, and sighed. How things had changed. The once cheerful fire place was nothing but a collection of soggy logs that refused to ignite. The paintings that had always appeared to dance along the walls now hung coated in a thick layer of dust, uncared for. The dark elf hugged herself as the tears trickled along her cheeks, reminiscing about what once was.

“It does no good to remember,” she scolded herself. “Things change.. you’ve changed.” The melancholy she felt was her own fault, she knew from the start. It was just simply not meant to last. With those she held close to her moving on with their lives, she began to distance herself. Such was the way things worked, or at least that is what she convinced herself of.

Tripping over one of the fir boxes used for selling wares in the main room, she cursed. The sound echoed off of the walls and sounded empty and hollow, not rich and full of emotion as she once felt. Had it only been a few months ago? Time had sunk into an oblivion that simply had no meaning.

“It is better this way…” she whispered. Trying to convince herself that it was true. Upon the counter she left a note, explaining why she was no longer meant for this world. Or any world for that matter. She spoke of love lost and dreams crushed, apologizing to those few people who would be affected by her decision. There were not many, she’d pushed the majority of them away over the years. She blamed no one but herself. In her heart she carried burdens too great and numerous to mention. The sadness that washed over her became unbearable. Melodramatic? Of course. It was how she lived her life, flying from one extreme emotion to the next. It was how nature had molded and formed her, and she would wish no other course for her life.

Glancing at the numerous volumes of old books that surrounded her library, she allowed herself a small smile. Silverstep had worked exceptionally hard at refining her library. It was her pride and joy. Spending countless hours with the literature that had never asked anything of her in return. Her slim hands reached out and brushed against the worn cover of one titled “The Oops Factor”, and she smirked to herself, recalling how she had told everyone that it was most certainly a book about teen pregnancy or some other such ‘mistake’ of life. How fitting that it all end here.

She gathered her skirts and sat on the rug, before the book of the dead that had graced the small ornate table for so many years. The flickering candles that surrounded her made the room seem ghastly instead of warm and welcoming. Her eyes gazed longingly around the room, drinking it all in as she murmured a prayer under her breath to the gods, asking for it not to be a painful end. She begged them to understand there was no other solution, no other way to end her suffering and misery. There were those who would of course argue that it was a cowards way out, but for someone such as she….. it was all there was, plain and simple.

Picking up a small knife from the floor, Silverstep murmured a single name under her breath, and slid the blade across her pale flesh, gasping in incredible pain as her life blood began spilling out across the floor. She bit her lip as the world began to spin black, trying not to cry out and her heart the only sound she could hear echoing through her mind as she slumped to the floor. Her fingers managed to drag through the blood, writing out a single word, before her breathing stopped.

From beyond her, someone crashed through the doorway, praying they were not too late.

“SILVERSTEP NO!” They screamed, and then her world went black.

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