While wandering around the Feerrott, I came across an npc or two that I must have over looked in my travels there, which I admit now, were probably purely for exp reasons. I’ve barely done any questing there aside from grabbing a random HQ, or perhaps a quest or two that interested me. Anyhow.

General Fandrak stands with a few of his battle-ready orcs in the same small section where the spires are. I had actually been looking for the soul-shredding quest, and figured this may have been it since it mentioned Tarinax. Of course I was wrong, but I’m glad I stumbled onto the quest anyhow. He has a very interesting voice over that I suggest people have enabled as they do this quest, I’d typically just rushed through most npc speeches, finding them dull and drab, but I enjoyed reading this one as well as listening.

First thing he does is send you to retrieve the lost soul of Tarinax in the chamber of Contained Souls. Which is, of course, in my favorite zone ever, the Obelisk of Lost Souls. Since they’ve removed the access quest needed for OLS, it’s been highly populated with farmers (sighs) but I managed my way through the quest just fine. You need to examine an urn, which is in a spiral staircase type room, it’s one of the rooms where a named hides out that’s used in the quest for access to the lower floors (One of the named that the book of summoning sends you to). After you examine the urn, you need to kill 3 different types of shadowed men, which can all actually be found outside the zone, Shadowed Riftwatchers, Shadowed Evocators, and Shadowed Soulflayers. After this, you head back to the urn, and you need to kill a Shadowed man with an acolyte symbol to find a way to remove the souls. These spawn inside the Obelisk with the book of summoning, the 3 mobs that surround it. If they don’t happen to be up at the time, you can just simply clear the spawns and they will eventually show up.

Once this is done you return to the urn, which sends you back to General Fandrak in the Feerrott. It also opens up another quest, which sends you to Everfrost. I love chains of quests like these. It rewards some money, and a choice of item rewards (which can be sold to vendor for 6g or passed down to those wonderful alts, or given away etc etc).

The story line was wonderful and talked about how you could help his empire, and help your own at the same time, that there would be treasures involved, and all that wonderful stuff they use in order to entice you to doing their bidding. I’m looking forward to doing the next lines of quests.

On a side note. I started a carpenter last night, a level 1 iksar brigand named Ixiana. She’s not for anything aside from carpentering (is that even a word?) and I managed to get her to level 20. One odd thing I noticed. I hit level 9, and promptly went to West Freeport to choose her subclass- and it instantly dinged me to level 10. I did the same at level 19, having just reached the level, and 0% into it, I went to West Freeport to choose my subclass, and instantly dinged to 20. Not that I’m complaining at all, but I’m not sure if this is ‘working as intended’ or if I was not actually supposed to get a full level of free exp. In any case, it will be nice to outfit Silverstep’s home a little more, Stargrace’ too I imagin since her 3 room house is still just a cluttered mess of items strewn along the floor with no sense of order.

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