Decided it was well past time that I complete the screaming mace yesterday, having never completed this heritage quest on any of my characters before. Why slack so much with this particular HQ? Hrm. Not really sure. I’d done almost all of the HQ on Qutey, even the DoF one, but not this.

It took me about 5 hours to camp the first four named mobs that you need. While I was in Cazic Thul semi-afk and glancing at the screen to see if my mobs were up I noticed how exceptionally quiet that zone is. There was no one around, I saw maybe one group wander by. When I was leveling my characters up I had this zone as my zone of choice, I loved it. There are some great named that hang out, ring events, quests, and all the rest. So why isn’t it being used now? Not too sure.

Guild almost dinged 17, which is also nice, one step closer to 20, which means new houses to purchase, and new bank slots, something I am looking forward to. Worked on Silverstep’s Library a little more as well, it’s going to be a pain inputting all that information about each book into the site, but I actually don’t mind data entry type work. In the end I do think it will be worth it, just so that I can have a place where all of her books are gathered in one spot. A handy place to read the lore as well.

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