An image from Silverstep’s house, just one of my favorite corners

I know I’ve been slacking with the posts, but I typically do on the weekends. So what’s been going on lately in game? Well, the coercer hit 67, and is 70% into her level, so hopfully she’ll get 68 today. What’s that mean? I’ve actually been raiding with her instead of the warden, and let me tell you, I love it. It’s a completely different game with the coercer, complete with a whole different set of worries and concerns. Instead of keeping the tank (or my group) up health wise, I’ve got the responsibility of keeping them up power wise. I do this with various spells at my disposal, mana flow, mana cloak, ease, and gorging thoughts as well as beholder’s eye. The guild has two enchanters who typically are always on to raid, but not on the weekends due to work. I’m sure I’ll still be asked to play the warden quite frequently, or asked to sit out, but in the mean time I’m enjoying it.

I also managed to get Roost access done on both characters this weekend. What’s roost? It’s an epic x 2 raid zone in Mystic lake, completion of the zone gives you access to the x 4 version of it. Apparently pretties drop quite frequently, I wouldn’t know since I’ve never been. It was nice to get those village of shin quests completed though and it gave Stargrace a huge chunk of exp / ap.

I was also promoted in guild from initiate (a two week period) to recruit. I’ll become a full member once I’ve gathered 50 dkp, I’m standing at 30 right now and have 100% raid attendance, so the only way for me to possibly have more would be if more raids were scheduled. I figure another week and a half and I’ll have my 50 and be a full member. As well as an active raider if I can keep my raid attendance up.

I didn’t get to do any crafting, or play my alts, but I’m hoping as I get even closer to 70 I’ll have more time for that sort of stuff. I feel the need to be 70 for the guild and what not which is sort of bad but meh. Long as I’m having fun (which I am). Saw the live update notes for the next one, should be spiffy, I’ll post more details later. For now, it’s off to quest!

Oh yes, the picture above.. a little niche in Silverstep’s house, that represents me in real life more then in game since I draw and write and all that creative stuff. The easel is a quest reward and I’ve placed a little guitar close by as well as some random paintings. I love the way it turned out, just needs some lighting. The rug on the floor is the quest reward from poets palace access, that ports you to the shimmering citadel, very worth it might I add.

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