Doesn’t Stargrace just look wonderful here as a dragon? After having done the chain of quests with the warden, I wasn’t exactly that happy about doing them once again. I feel that way about a few of the T7 chains of quests, Claymore being the other huge pain, and the class hat quest being another. Anyhow.

A mark of awakening, starts in bone mire from an exiled droag. You have to be 60+ to start the quest. It has four trials to it, after you’re required to read 3 books first. First one is in SoS, the second in PoA, and the third in HoF, each one of those books has a little sub-quest (annoying might I add). Then the trials start. The first trial is the Trial of Alacrity. You basically invis to a back corner, stand there, and kill. Everything. Until at the end a named spawns. Power regen is the way to go. Next is the Trial of Endurance. You go through 15-20 rounds of mobs spawning until you spawn some named mobs. The third trial is solo and quite fun if you play any sort of caster / dps class. The Trial of Spirit reward you with a house item of a small white dragon exactly like the one you turn into. It also updates you for the final trial, the Trial of Leadership, which is an epic raid with x4 encounters. FAST respawns, your raid has to be on their toes.

With the coercer and warden at 70 I’m relaxing and enjoying the game again. I spent some time mentoring Defect’s alt, a dirge in guild who has a 35 necromancer. It was really fun to play my templar who’s been at level 61 for as long as I can remember now lol. Last night I also had fun playing with a small guild group, we just puttered around Sinking Sands working on various little quests. Willamina has fallen behind in tradeskilling and well, everything else for that matter, so I’m hoping to get her a few more sage levels if not adventure levels. Guild leader’s wife just had their first baby, so we’ll have to see how deathtoll goes tonight without him there.

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