Silverstep sporting her new Qeynos Claymore shield!

What a weekend. I said I had hopped to complete my Qeynos claymore, as well as my deathtoll access, and what do you know, I did! A huge thank you to my guild Torrent Knights, and all of my friends who helped me accomplish these goals. Without them I most certainly would not have done it. I’m exceptionally glad that I’ve finished them before EoF comes out, as I’m sure the guild will have new goals and quests to work on. Of course I can’t just say I’ve completed the quests without some links to the new pretties!

New bracelet from completing the Deathtoll access quest

One I finished this access quest, I also received a quest for a flame shield, that wants me to head back into Deathtoll in order to claim it. This will have to unfortunately wait, since I’ve got a lock out on the zone now. We went in with a full raid, and finished in a little under three hours, including everyone’s updates. We pulled Tarinax on the first pull, no deaths. It was great.

The Qeynos Claymore, reward for priests.

What a very long quest. I am exceptionally glad to be done with it, the rewards were of course fantastic. Legendary for the later ones, and fabled at the end. They reminded me of the epic quests in EQ1 for your class weapons, maybe not as unique, since everyone wears the same one, but still a very tedious and fun line. I’ve not yet decided if I’m going to do this quest with my templar or my coercer.. we’ll just have to see!

Another reward from the Claymore series

Fitzpitzle is a named gnome located in Deathtoll, and after visiting the zone and getting random update locations, you have to kill him, then kill Tarinax. The reward is pretty nice, I love anything that has a proc that goes off when I cast beneficial or hostile spells. More so with my fury now since I can push out some dps if I put my mind to it. Granted I am most certainly not on par with a T1 dps’er like a wizard or warlock or a scout, but I have my moments.

Next on the list? Getting Dasie (my 67 templar) some experience before EoF comes out, and working on tradeskills as well as book / collection quests to stock pile those aa’s! Going to be fun, I can tell…..

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