Silverstep diligently crafting away, trying to reach that elusive next tier

Finally, ding 59 woodworker. Out of all the crafters I have, or have ever had, the woodworker has got to be one of the worst ones out there. The provisioner was pretty bad as well but I managed to get by and hit 70 before they removed sub-combines. The woodworker, is lucky if she gets two new recipes a level. Level 55 rewarded me with one. So to keep some sanity I’ve been grinding out those wonderful tradeskill writs, working my faction with the Ironforge Exchange. I think I’m at about +3,000 now or so with 11 more levels to go. Thankfully, I’m out of vitality, and I use this excuse to end the madness.

With EoF just around the corner, I’ve been busy getting collection quests ready for turn ins, and playing my alts some. Raids as usual and generally keeping to myself and avoiding the horrendous drama that is known as Lucan D’Lere Server. Managed to pick up a few pretties last week in labs, go figure I had been hunting for a new hat and breast plate forever, well, since betrayal at least. Low and behold BOTH dropped on the labs raid. I passed on the breastplate having already won a very nice belt and the relic hat.

Relic leather hat (Fury) and the Sash of Perdition

The guild also decided that we would farm eyes over the past two weeks, and do the Godking raid, which is the final mob needed for prismatic 2.0 as well as manastone 2.0. I had already completed my prismatic quite some time ago, but I had neglected to do the manastone as the named I needed wasn’t up. So this was a good opportunity for me to finally get it done.

Manastone 2.0

I use this constantly on raids, even the non-legendary version that I had for almost a year now. It can be a life saver when you’re low on power. It does have a recast timer of 30 minutes though which is slightly annoying, but as long as you know which fights to use it in and when to save it, it’s still very nice. You turn into a wraith type mob when it’s used. Over all a pretty slow week, but I’m actually enjoying it. The bardling snagged level 41, though she’s still an exile and hanging out in Haven until I manage to get her to level 60 or so. No point in going troubadour quite yet!

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