There are bullies no matter where you go, and the same can be said for the mmo worlds out there. Those people who derive pleasure from picking on others, degrading them and making fun of them. On Lucan D’Lere (also called Lucan D’Drama, for pretty obvious reasons) there is a handful of these people. You see them every day, spamming the 60-69 channel with their words of ‘wisdom’, rallying for the popularity of whatever other gamers happen to be listening at the time.

I can’t help but feel sorry for them. They must have some huge issues if they’re picking on others in an mmo, to make themselves feel better. They’re escaping their real lives (much like we all do) and feel the need to exert their power over others. It’s a shame really. Had to vent that out. Along the same lines, my guilds forums have been spammed nicely by members of another raiding guild, trying to stir up unnecessary drama. For what purpose? Well, none of us are really sure. As far as I know our members don’t go posting on their personal guild forums (in the public section that most guilds have) but I could be wrong. Again, just random thoughts and observations. In WoW you would experience the same thing, but it was much more childish and unrefined, and almost easier to excuse. Where as the comments that some times fly out of the 60-69 channel are just down right mean.

Frostfell update is going in today! Fireplaces are the word on the … channel? I’m excited. I missed out on the Christmas events last year, so it’ll be new to me even if they’re repeated. I want to see if the music boxes are back, the snow globes, little cute hats, and house items! Expect lots of screen shots later today of all the new stuff if I can manage to get any of it.

Stargrace is catching up fast as my new main. I was pretty far behind on aa’s but they’re not going too badly now, she’s sitting at 58 with plenty of quests and zones yet to adventure in. Most of the guild is around 80, but I’m not worried. She’s also gotten a few pieces of gear upgrade, also a good thing. I was almost completely broke after betraying to Illusionist (I never have very much money, it doesn’t bother me though my characters are all pretty well geared and can fend for themselves), so I’ve been trying to make some coin. The quests in Lesserfay are great for that, both the Nybright family ones and the ones from Fae Court. Mentored yesterday for my turn ins granted me 3 aa and about 3 plat in coin, with only a small portion of them completed. I’m absolutely loving the illusionist class wise, I find it much more fun then the coercer. Not sure why. I respec’d my aa’s and went full out dps, with perpetuality and crit spells, most of my spells end up being almost instant cast with that line up, it’s wonderful. Still no raids lately in guild, but holidays and all so it’s understandable.

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