Since it’s still pretty close to christmas, not a whole lot has been going on. I was invited to raid with Marauders, some tier 6 things mostly for achievement points. I went with Silverstep since Stargrace is my new main. We did Courts, which I love (and also dinged my little guild level 7), did Lockjaw (awsome aa), and Poets Palace: Return. Which is actually a raid zone I’ve never been to. There’s a reason people avoid this zone, the trash mobs (and there are about 1,000 of them) have a billion hit points. They’re not hard, but they take forever to kill. We spent 3 hours clearing the zone, a very long time for something that’s T6. Ended the night with 3 aa’s and a lot of guild exp, it’s always fun and relaxing for me to get a chance to play in the other zones besides the new ones.

Been doing some quests on all my girls as well, and managed to get 4 crafting levels on Misako, who’s now a 24 tailor. Going to get her to 25 today so she can make the new cloaks. Nice for my lower level characters.. well.. just her I suppose, the rest are higher level and will get their cloaks in time.

Farming is still annoying, roots are hard to come by. Not in a rush though. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, tomorrow’s should be slightly more entertaining!

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