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First of all, I apologize for the christmas colours, I promise they’ll be gone… after christmas *grins*

Restless. Bored. Repetitive.

Words I use to describe my end game healer (fury) in EQ2 on raids after playing her for about a year now (I played a templar as my main before that, and experienced the same thing). Why do I play healer classes? Well, first of all. I’m good at it. Without tooting my own horn, I know I’m a good healer. I know what to cast and when to keep the tanks alive (or my group of mages if it’s a raid). Secondly, healer has always been needed. Most of my friends either play a dps / support class or a tank. So that leaves a healer position open in a group.

So after taking a break from EQ2 to organize some real life things (see previous posts about too much play time) I decided I would take the plunge and attempt to situate myself with a new main. A difficult task, especially if you raid. It’s not simply a matter of logging in and deciding, ok, now I’ll play this character. I had to first discuss things with the officers and leaders of Torrent Knights – explaining why I wanted to change, what I was contemplating changing to, how it would benefit the guild, how it would be detrimental to the guild, etc. After a few days discussion I was told I could switch my main – in my mind, it is much more important to play a class you like, rather then a class you are simply good at. So my fury said good bye to her home (sighs, 127k of guild status lost by her name, but our guild has a policy of only one “main” in guild, and no alts), and my (at the time) coercer joined the ranks.

Now, TK already had two coercers. In fact, they used to have three but one recently left for another server that was more suitable to their play times. So I offered to betray to an illusionist, covering the costs of the betrayal myself. What costs are there? At level 70, it’s not a cheap thing to betray. You need to replace every spell that’s 55+ pretty much. With the prices of acrylia going for 1p-2p and needing 20 of them, + 7 pieces of Vanadium (as a mage), yeah, it’s an expensive ordeal. Then finding a T7 sage (since ours was the guildie who moved) to take care of such a large order without also charging you an arm and a leg for them to be made. Thankfully, Meepers offered to help me out in the sage department.

My poor wood elf.. she betrayed way back when, at around level 10, and went to coercer. I can’t even remember why now, it was probably right when they were given charm as a spell. Now she’s betrayed back to her home town of Qeynos. I actually don’t mind betraying or the whole process, I think it’s quite fun. I can betray from Freeport to Qeynos in a matter of two hours, the only drab part is repeating the blasted faction quests. Easiest one I’ve found is to sneak into west Freeport and collect the schedules from the tradeskill instance. The zone is right off of Commonlands where the quest giver is, and the guards don’t see invis. Rinse and repeat x 12.

So, hopefully I’ll find the game slightly revitalized playing a “new main”. Then again, maybe not. Worth a shot though. I also dropped my station access account (again) so I’m limited to 6 characters. Which should be more then enough. The necromancer hit level 50 earlier on in the day and could finally wear the robe I’d saved up for all those months back from Poets palace.. .You know the one, legendary with some FT on it? Looks awesome on a gnome.

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