One of the many Frostfell snowglobes

The next few days are of course the Christmas Holidays, and I won’t be around very much, as there are family gatherings to attend to! I typically have one gathering for my family, and then a second one for Shadowgeist‘ family, however this year I have two for my family, as a bunch of them are visiting from the east coast. It should be eventful! Anyhow..

I have been decorating Eleyn’s home! Having a blast doing it as well might I add. I love decorating, even other people’s homes, just taking what they have and finding a spot for it all (which until today seems to have been in every nook and corner available). I’ve been having fun sending out random Frostfell presents to friends as well, Dalven D’Verilex got a fire place and some dinner food. I’m not exactly sure if he’s a fan of Frostfell, being from Freeport and all, but oh well! Had to spread the cheer. I also passed out pressies to Krai, Xani, Selema, and Meepers. Ah it’s the little amusing stuff that makes me happy hehe.

I love the snowglobe rewards of this years events, but I’m not sure where I can keep them all. So far I’ve got three to the collection, and I know there’s three others at least that I don’t even have yet. I’ve been claiming my 1 present a day on each of my alts so that I can stash snowglobes away for a later date (grins) much like I’m doing with food, presents, bows, and fire places. Such a house item nut I know. Everyone has their things. Some quest, some make coin, some raid (though I do all of those too) and some collect spiffy looking house items! So a very merry Christmas and Frostfell to you all, I hope everyone gets some time off at least, and shares it with those they’re close to.

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