Level 20

Starts from examining “Burned Out Lightstone” which is a body drop from the Lightbringer Wisp in the Commonlands. The wisp hangs out around the druid ring at (684,-96). Your level does not matter since it’s a body drop.

– The first thing you need to do is find someone who needs this lightstone. The person who needs it is Cannix Silverflame in the Commonlands (-310,-362).

– The first thing Cannix will ask of you is to touch the Mourned and the Forgotten with the lightstone. After completing this step return to Cannix.

  • The Forgotten (+172,+260)
  • The Mourned (-590,-632)

– Receive Reward: Faintly Lit Lightstone

– Cannix will then ask you to kill Rama’nai in the Commonlands. Rama’nai is a named lion at the Ring of Nature, near where the Lightbringer Wisp spawned. To spawn him kill the place holder, it should be a roaming or wandering lioness. After killing Rama’nai return to Cannix.

– Receive Reward: Dimly Lit Lightstone

Your next task is to kill two Orc Captains in the Commonlands. After killing the orcs return to Cannix.

  • Captain Gaer (or his placeholder Reag) spawns about loc (-855,+670)
  • Captain Ogof (or his placeholder Fogo) spawns about loc (-475,+678)

– Receive Reward: Softly Lit Lightstone

– The next step is to kill the High Priest of Val’Marr in the Commonlands. He is found at the Ruins of Val’Marr (+448,+574). The old method of spawning him required you to kill the groups of skeletons surrounding bone piles, however, this has been changed. You now need to clear the top of the towers around the ruins. Any tower can spawn the priest, so it’s best to keep them all clear. Return to Cannix afterwards.

– Receive Reward: Glimmering Lightstone

– He will then send you to kill General Drull. He can be found in Bloodskull Valley. The access for BSV has been removed, and to enter you no longer need to do the lengthly access quest. You can hail the npc located behind the rock to the right hand side of the door, and they will let you in. The encounter is also no longer epic, but is heroic. When you enter you will be rushed by various waves of orcs, just keep squishing them all until Drull spawns. Once he’s dead and you’ve gotten your update you can evac and leave the rest of the orcs up if you’d like.

– After completing this task return to Cannix and he will attack you, not wanting to give up the reward. Characters from Qeynos will not have to kill Cannix at the end of the quest. Instead a group of bandits will kill him. You must then kill the bandits to receive your reward.

Receive Reward: Greater Lightstone
Receive Reward: 30,000 Status Points

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