Level 35

– This quest starts from a brooch dropped by the aquagoblin oracle in Butcherblock, just swim out to the nearest island from the docks, he stands on a raised platform on the island.

– Inspecting the brooch starts the quest and tells you to find a high elf that might know something about it. Glavarius Marud (+293,+94) can be found in a house in Kelethin.

– Next you need to find the Circle of the Unseen Hand for more information. You need to talk to Fippy Darkpaw the 4th in Crows Resting Place in the Down Below. He will refuse to tell you anything at first, but if you pick up a card from a table in the other room, slip Fippy the card and he will tell you about Villanous the Small ( note, the named in the instance don’t give you any aa )

– Next you need to go to a castle in the northern part of Nektulos. This is Nek castle, and in the basement you will find an Empty Crate Note (-41,-56). Inspecting the note reveals that the contents of the crate were stolen by the Ebon Mask in the Foreign Quarter of Neriak.

– Go to Fallen Gate and you will find Zannas K’Val’s Chest (+167,-81). Harvest to get Tessa’s Contingency Plan. Inspect for update. You may notice some new mobs up, traps as you examin these pieces.

– Now you need to find an emergency fallback point in Faydwer. This is a stone of the chessboard in Butcherblock (-788,-16). Harvesting this will give you Tessa’s Hidden Notes for Zannas and will also trigger a trap spawning 4 triggered guardians. Read the note, you don’t have to kill the guardians.

– You now need to find one of Tessa’s gems. She used the aquagoblins to deliver them. Kill aquagoblins until you get a gem. Inspect the gem for update.

– Go to Crushbone. Outside the keep there are three caves. Enter the one on the right; all the way back there is a punished magi apprentice (-1619,-30). He will send you inside the keep to get cleric hate helms. A good room for these is the magi room on the second floor, almost everything in there is a place holder. Go back to the magi apprentice after getting the helms and he will tell you where to find the Oracle N’Mare.

– Back into the keep and go to the D’Vinnian throne room (-59,-41). A level 25-35 instance. Oracle N’Mare is located on the east side behind two locked doors (+781,+220). Kill the sentries in each area for the keys. There is a movable wall behind the second door. Oracle N’Mare is in the Gladiator training hall (-84,-178).

Receive Reward: Robe of the Oracle
Receive Reward: ??? Status Points

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