In Honor and Service (Dwarven Ringmail Tunic)


– Captain R K Irontoe (+135,+98) in Kelethin, will give you this Heritage Quest. He should speak to you no matter if you’re good or evil.

– Visit the War Memorial for the Battle at Burning Root and click on it (-299,-54).

– You have to collect 10 Dwarven War Artefacts. These are random spawns around the area of the War Memorial, you can hit tab to target these as you’re running around.

– Head back to Captain R K Irontoe. He asks you to find the Dwarven Ringmail Designs.

– Head to the caves at Echo Echo Canyon. Inside the caves, (+16,-292) you will find a strong box, click it.

– The clues can be found in one of the tents on Orc Hill (+293,-139). Click on the chest you find there.

– This next part asks you to find a way to locate the Three Crushbone Orc Spies. As you come out of the tent with the chest, turn slightly left and go to the second of the two tents furthest away. On the floor at the back is a Scroll which you need to click on.

– Kill the Crushbone Orc Sentries until you get the three Tuning Discs.

– Now you need to click on the Gong to the right of the chest tent (+288,-152).

– The first spy is found at (-178,-16). This is near Memorial Hill, a branch which you can walk over that has Orc Scribbles on it. Second spy is found at (+745,-76) at the entrance way to Butcherblock Mountains. An upright branch just inside on the right with Orc Scribbles. The third spy is located up in the tree city. Take the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift up and when disembarking turn right. There is a branch here you can walk along to find the Orc Scribblings. For all of the spies they pop as you draw close. If they don’t it may be because someone has just killed them, repop is only a couple of minutes.

– You are next asked to find some Shrool Dust. Head towards the Tunare’s Sapling and jump in the pond, follow the river east until you find the Mushroom King (+144,+144).

– Now you need to kill 20 Fayflies and collect 10 Brook Patch Toadstools. Both can be found in the area of Tunare’s Glade (-243,369). Look on the leaves and branches as well as the ground for the toadstools. You can tab these to target them as well.

– Now head back to the Mushroom King and he will give you the Shroom Dust.

– Head back to Orc Hill and then right click the chest to sprinkle the dust on it.

– Inspect the note you have just received. You now have to find 9 copies of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans. All of these can be found in the Orc Valley. You must kill all members of the groups to get the update.

  • Sullon Brigade Warsmith (-655,-261)
  • Vallon Brigade Warsmith (-750,-77)
  • Derris Brigade Warsmith (-845,+5)
  • Tallon Brigade Warsmith (-1081,+203)
  • Gullon Brigade Warsmith (-1390,+176)
  • Crushbone Expedition Leader (-791,-223)
  • Crushbone Expedition Chef (-774,-259)
  • Crushbone Expedition Weaponsmith (-791,-222)
  • Crushbone Expedition Planner (-726,-269)

– Kill the four groups of Crushbone Footmen to spawn the Expedition Officers, they are the place holders.

– Once you are done this, you must go into Crushbone Keep, and in the entrance way, unlock the four chests that are placed around the edges. There are two on each side. Take the plans from each, and head back to Captian R K Irontoe for your reward!

Receive Reward: Dwarven Ringmail Tunic
Receive Reward: 20,766 Status Points
Receive Reward: 10,000 Irontoe Brigade Status

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