Level 26

– Starts from Hwal Rucksif at the Ardent Needle in Antonica (-559,-316).

– Hwal will first ask you to harvest 15 Ore and 15 Wood from Antonica. It must be in Antonica. After completing the harvest you must return to Hwal with at least 10 Ore and 10 Wood in your inventory.

– Next requires you to collect three more pieces for Hwal

  • Titanium Ore: Sabertooth Miners and Excavaters in Blackburrow.
  • Rare Wood: Caveroot Horror in Stormold: rare spawn at Library entrance
  • Perfect Griffon Feather: Bloodtalon in Thunderring Steppes.

– Hwal then tells you that all this forging is making him thursty. He sends you to Blackburrow to get some stout. It’s in the Brewery, the top barrel on a a stack of barrels just as you get in (+21,+61). To get to here you need to go to the bottom of the caves (past spiders) and then swim underwater.

– After you go back to Hwal he tells you about a family curse. Head to Vhalen Tower (-1300,+45) in Antonica. Hwal’s grandfather (The Ghost of Garanel Rucksif) is in a instanced dungeon that you get into by clicking the a piece of rubble on the floor. Kill his grandfather and return to Hwal. He then sends you to get pieces for his new boots. You need to collect the following items from the Thundering Steppes:

  • Leather from a Mature Antelope
  • Ore from a Firerock Scout

– Give these items to Minty Frostbeard at Thundermist Village in the Thundering Steppes. She will tell you she needs time and to come back in 72 minutes (real life time). She will give you the boots for Hwal. Take the boots to Hwal in Antonica and he will give you his old boots for your efforts.

Receive Reward: Dwarven Work Boots
Receive Reward: 28,500 Status Points

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