Level 27

– Starts from Dragoon K’Naae in the East of Nektulos Forest (-1373,-1336).

– The first order of business from the Dragoon is to acquire 60 Owlbear Meats in Nektulos. These drop on the Ash Owlbears in the zone. After doing this return to K’Naae. You can find the owl bears moved now, to the south eastern corner of the zone, close to the commonlands entrance.

– He will then ask you to collect 60 Undead Skin Scraps. You can obtain these from the undead and patchwork men near the entrance to Nektropos Castle. After acquiring all 60 return to Dragoon K’Naae. You used to be able to use the skeletons that were along the banks of the river beside the commonlands entrance, but they no longer give the updates now.

– He will then give you a flask of water which you must fill at Behemoth Pond (-226,-237) in Nektulos Forest and return to him. The return is timed, you have 9 minutes to run it.

– You will then be asked to kill Captain T’Sanne at the Gul’Thex Citadel (+666,-719) to recover a weapon from him. Captain T’Sanne is a triggered spawn from a short ring event. If you enter the citadel and you see some skeletons inside at the bottom level, kill them. After the skeletons are cleared a time or two Captain T’Sanne will spawn. He’s a level 29-30 ^^ Group mob who comes with two guards. After doing this return to Dragoon K’Naee. If the ring event isn’t up (you walk in and see no groups of skeletons along the bottom floor) just be patient and wait, someone must have cleared it before you. The event is on a two hour timer.

When you get near Dragoon K’Naae you will be ambushed by three Ebon Mask Assassins. Kill them and speak to Dragoon K’Naee to complete the quest.

Receive Reward: Shiny Brass Halberd
Receive Reward: 41,250 Status Points

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