Level: 55
Starting Zone: The Silent City (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This is part of the Peacock Club series of quests. It is initiated by examining a Tattered Journal at +153, +366 in the Silent City after you have completed the “An Offering and Peace” quest.

You must first kill Channel Cleansers to collect runes

  • Rune of Adla
  • Rune of Herk
  • Rune of Kom

– Head to the Arbo’Un Monolith (+502,+386) and place them into it, as you have done in previous quests. This will spawn Arbo’Akh. Speak to him. NOTE: This requires you to have completing the “Punja’s Progression” quest to be able to climb up the walls.

– After this you must speak to Thalbinous (to spawn him you need to kill the 3 sets of non-aggro trees) in the Silent City (+424,+538). He will send you to gather some pine cones. You can get one of these as an auto-update from Twisted Arbors in the Silent City. The rest you obtain by clickingon trees in the zone.

  • (+589,+380)
  • (+488,+547)
  • (+548,+305)
  • (+486,+385)
  • (+535,+522)
  • (+475,+525)

– After doing this return to Thalbinous for your reward. This opens up the “Wrapping It All Up” quest, you may need to spawn him again by killing the non-aggro trees.

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