Level: 55
Starting Zone: The Silent City (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: The Steward of Fyr’Un

Grants Access To: Fountain of Life

– This is the access quest for the Fountain of Life (Inner Temple), which is used in the Peacock series finale. The quest is given by the Steward of the Fyr’Un (+903,+192).

– You must visit various monoliths in the zone. They are:

Zul – (+864,+226): East Side – middle building.
Yuex – (+918,+204): West side mid way up the center structure.
Paro – (+1025,+549): Ground level West corner from A Jin’Tat Battlepriest.
Fett – (+815,+267): Ground level – East side from Spiregaze.
Luna – (+985,+440): SW corner ground level.
Adu – (+791,+100): Lower Court, NE Corner.
Myr – (+1072,+420): Tier 3 up West Side.
Uzu – (+1020,-1310 or +1021,+310): West side, mid-tier in the middle.
Rhoen – (+851,+502): Ground Floor, east side of Ghoul area.

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