Level: 55
Starting Zone: The Silent City (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This is the final quest in the lengthy Peacock Club series.

– The quest is initiated by examining a no-drop fabric (need name) which drops from The Cartographer in the Silent City. He is just behind the epic golem guarding the tunnel. You will need to kill him for each group member who needs the drop.

– Find and examine the Rock of Eldonis in the Pillars of Flame. The rock is located underwater around (+1996,-540). It is a clickable rock in front of the The Guardian of Eldonis. In order to click this rock you must speak the Koada’Dal language. This language can be purchased in Castleview Hamlet in Qeynos, or gained by completing a sub-quest titled “Knowledge of the Past.”

– Once completing the language quest or purchasing it you can examine the rock. The quest will then say the Rod of Rathe Shattering cannot be removed and you will have to kill a mob named the Guardian of Eldonis (level 59, epic x2). After killing him examine the rock once again and you’ll obtain an item known as the Rod of Rathe Shattering.

– Enter the Fountain of Life (inner temple), but to do that you must obtain 9 eyes from various x2 and x4 raid mobs in Silent City, along with one person in your raid completing the “Eyes of Anashti Sul” quest to know the order to place the eyes. The eyes are consumed each time you enter.

– After doing those things you can then zone into the Fountain of Life to kill Godking Anuk, who is a x4 raid mob in a scripted instance. Once you’ve killed Goking Anuk, you need to use the rod of shattering. At his spawn point there is a climbable wall, but if you touch any of the water, adds will spawn. Have people climb up the wall one at a time. Standing on the ledge, right click and use your rod, do NOT distroy this! Once you’ve used the rod, you can head back to the npc in Maj’Dul for your final turn in. You have 30 minutes from the death of Anuk to complete this portion, so make sure people get up that wall quickly (and safely!).

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