Level: 45
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul
Starting NPC: Barter Lord Feth Ardala

– This quest is a sub-quest of the “A Damsel in Distress” quest. You must be on that quest to receive this one. It is given by Barter Lord Feth Ardala in the Golden Scepter.

– You need to head to the Croc Caves in the Sinking Sands and disable the crocodile traps (by interacting with them).

  • Trap 1: (-1281,-765)
  • Trap 2: (-1250,-809)
  • Trap 3: (-1270,-845)
  • Trap 4: (-1285,-894)
  • Trap 5: (-1262,-894)
  • Trap 6: (-1243,-937)
  • Trap 7: (-1195,-975)
  • Trap 8: (-1173,-1095)

After this return to Barter Lord Feth Ardala for your reward.

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