Level: 45
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames – take the carpet from one of the docks in EFP or QH, or the orb in Haven).
Starting NPC: Shan

– Shan (+66,-115) is a hostage by a gang of thugs. She secretly passes you a note and asks for you to collect trinkets in Maj’Dul that once belonged to the leader of the gang, Te’Toa the Terrible. If he gets the trinkets back, he will let Shan go free.

– This is in the courtyard outside of the Golden Scepter. You have to jump over the stone fence to get to her. You could also jump off the stairway bridge into the yard. You must collect the following items in Maj’Dul:

  • The Urn of Al’Hadid found at (-243,-106) or at (-177,-107) or at (+80,-71).
  • Idol of Dunefury: From the “My Service For An Idol” quest.
  • The Box of Tupperwuzzle: (-206,-79) or (-156,-117) or (+100,-68) or (-151,+108).
  • Sunspire Necklace: From the “Trap Snapping” quest.
  • The Lifire Ewer: (+79,-160), (-247,+38), (+56,-69), (-184,-100), (+81,-163) or (-243,-8).
  • Kings Tomb Tavern at (-218,-74) or (-165,+115).
  • Scent of Aros’Thalinor Perfume: (-239,-119), (+109,-136), (-155,-97), (+77,-96), (-229,-6) or (+109,-137) in the Golden Scepter.
  • Rod of the Rukh: (-191,+112) or (-120,+112) or (-106,+145).
  • Bones of Dalgin B’Dynn: From the “Bones in the Box” quest

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