Level 35

– In order to start this quest you need to get “Stiletto’s Orders” dropped by a Ratonga named Stiletto in the Thundering Steppes. Stiletto spawns in the river valley just south of the giant and gnoll bridge and wonders across the bridge and on bolth sides. (+486,+1077)

– The quest requires one person in the group to have Cove of Decay access, this quest was not removed with the rest of them that seems to have been. Once someone has access to the Cove of Decay, you must kill Octogorgon. After doing this you can swim to the ocean floor and you will find some interactive chests on the ground. Examine the one that it allows you to and you will find a Partially Digested Hand. Only one person has to do this. Once you have the Partially Digested Hand you must head onto the beach and you will find a Firepit. The person who has the Decayed Hand can interact with the remains in the Firepit. This will spawn a level 31 ^^^ Group x 2 mob, Captain Ulssissaris. Kill him and the quest will update.

– You must then head to the Ruins of Varsoon and examine an interactive book on a table in the workshop of the enchanter (+263,+118).

– You must then kill the Weavemaster Esh’Rax in the tailor room in the Ruins of Varsoon (+18,+98).

Receive Reward: Shroud of the Manastone Recipe
Receive Reward: Enchanted Linen of the Weavemaster

– After scribing the recipe you must create the shroud of the manastone with a Boiled Leather Pelt + Glimmering Tooth + Enchanted Linen of the Weavemaster + fuel. You can harvest the Glimmering Tooth from animal dens in Zek and Enchanted Lands. You must be artisan level 9 to create this item.

Receive Reward: Shroud of the Manastone

– After this you must kill Varsoon in the Chamber of Immortality, another access dungeon. Once you kill Varsoon, you must open a large wooden chest in an alcove of the Chamber of Immortality.

Receive Reward: Manastone
Receive Reward: 49,500 Status Points

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