Level 30

– Starts from Scholar Al’Quylar at the Oracle Tower in Antonica (-1039,-665).

– The first order of business is to harvest power from power sources in Nektulos and the Thundering Steppes. They are both underwater:

  • Thundering Steppes: Beneath a ship in the western ocean at (+1681,+308)
  • Nektulos Forest: In the pool underneath Timber Falls (+457,-1505)

– After harvesting both you should return to Scholar Al’Quylar. The next step is to recover the Brown Research Tome on Binding (+14,+67) and the Black Research Tome on Immortality (+237,+54) in the Ruins of Varsoon.

– You then must obtain a Palladium bangle. This item is player made, from advanced jeweler volume 29 which is a fairly rare book to obtain. You need a paladium cluster (rare stone from thundering steppes).

– Al’Quylar will then ask you to head back to the Ruins of Varsoon to kill the Tome of Life and the Tome of Death. These spawn in the two rooms where you got the research tomes earlier.

– After destroying them return to Scholar Al’Quylar who will send you to kill Varsoon the Undying in the Chamber of Immortality.

– After killing Varsoon return to Scholar Al’Quylar who will then attack you. Kill him for your reward.

Receive Reward: Glowing Black Stone
Receive Reward: 42,000 Status Points

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