Level 30

– Starts from Kerath McMarrin at the Thundering Steppes Docks (-467,-447).

– Kerath McMarrin first asks you to find Hrath’s Journal. The journal can be foud at the Tower of Vhalen in Antonica (-1300,+45). Obtain it and return to Kerath.

– He will then send you to the Nektulos Forest to take a dip in the Torrent River. Swim upstream towards Timber Falls, and just before the river ascends here is the trigger spot (+465,-1282).

– The next step is to visit the northern ocean in Commonlands (-864,-984), it’s near a dragon skeleton ribcage. Head North West under water, you’ll see a little under water village, keep going past that, you’ll find the skeleton rib cage. The point for the loc is a little bit off of the actual map.

– After this you must swim into the oceans of the Thundering Steppes. This is off the coast to the far west, you must swim way off the map pas the Siren Pyramid and up north to the shipwrecks near loc (+1647,+128). When you get to the spawn an enraged octopus will spawn. You do not have to kill it.

– The next step is to kill Lord Everliving in the Nektropos Castle.

– After this you must head to the Ruins of Varsoon to kill Hrath V’Tol. He is found in RoV room with Ymeresh Apprentice, which is the Sorcerer’s Workshop (+294,+62). After doing this you can return to Kerath.

– Kerath then sends you to find Captain Krieger in Thundering Steppes. He can be found at (-125,-1047). He will spawn when you get near and attack you. Kill him and return to Kerrath for your reward.

Receive Reward: Fishbone Earring
Receive Reward: 39,750 Status Points

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