Level 30

– First step, be sure you learn the Kromise language (giant), you can get these from examining the idols that drop from the giants themselves. Once you’ve learned the giant language, go talk to Obsid Boulderboom (loc 820,1010). He will give you the quest ‘little tarby the lost’. He wants you to go save his bear from packs of wolves.

– Head to Tarby (loc 508,483) and three waves of wolves will spawn one after another. Kill them before they kill tarby. Once the waves are killed, right click the bear and tuck him into your pack. Then head back to Obsid, who will give you a cracked hand axe. Examin the axe to start the Heritage quest.

– The first step is to mine ten granite pieces from Wind Swept Rocks in the Thundering Steppes. This requires 90+ mining skill and they are a rare find. Expect to spend a good amount of time on this step.

Receive Reward: Pristine Piece of Granite

– You must then combine the pristine granite + ash stave + sparkling flower + the cracked stone hand axe. You can harvest the sparkling flower from shrubs or wood in Thundering Steppes, and you need artisan level 9 to craft the dull tomahawk.

Receive Reward: Dull Granite Tomahawk.

– Take the axe to Obsid. You must now sharpen the axe. In order to do this you will first need to kill 100 skeletons in any zone, we recommend the lower level zones as they will die faster. After completing this step return to Obsid.

– The axe is still not sharp enough so Obsid will then send you off to kill 25 Skindancer gnolls in the Thundering Steppes. This is a timed step, and you are given one hour to complete it. You can find the gnolls close to the splitpaw entrance, just across the way from Obsid.

Receive Reward: Sharpened Granite Tomahawk.

– After killing the Skindancers return to Obsid. You must now acquire the ink of an Octogorgon. Octogorgon is inside of the Cove of Decay. You must complete the “The Cove of Decay – Prison Break” quest to gain access to this dungeon. Kill Octogorgon for your reward.

Receive Reward: Polished Granite Tomahawk
Receive Reward: 36,750 Status Points

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