Level: 70
Starting Zone: Upper Halls of Fate (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This is another quest in the Claymore epic quest line. It is started by clicking on one of the sconces in the first Atrium area in the Halls of Fate once you have completed “Feeding the Flames.”

– To complete the quest, you need to kill the following named mobs in the Halls of Fate. They are:

  • Doom Guard Tammuz
  • Doom Guard Vimock
  • Jin’Tiz the Cataloguer
  • Ishtan the Skarize
  • Sothis

– Once you have killed the mobs, your final task is to kill Doom Lord Septimus, who is at the very bottom of the instance. Kill him to complete the quest and claim your reward.

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