Level: 70
Starting Zone: Upper Halls of Fate (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This is another in the Claymore line of epic quests. It becomes available once you have completed “Feeding the Flames.”

– It is initiated by clicking one of the four sconces in the first Atrium area of Halls of Fate. Yonar the Dromunculus spawns and tasks you with sealing the Prismatic Lexicons within the Halls of Fate. These are oversized tomes that are tucked in various corners and nooks inside the instance. After collecting all ten tomes, you will then be required to obtain ten more in The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm, the Epic raid instance.

– The locations for the Lexicons in HoF are:

  • Volume I (+130,-140)
  • Volume II The ledge above Ishtaran the Skarize AKA Table guy
  • Volume III (-10,+284)
  • Volume IV (+6,+360)
  • Volume V (-52,-112)
  • Volume VI (-129,+446)
  • Volume VII (-15,+463)
  • Volume VIII (-30,+395)
  • Volume IX (-92,+475)
  • Volume X (-4,+274)

– The other ten books you need are in the Labratory of Lord Vyemm and are very easy to spot. Oversized yellow books scattered throughout the zone. Eq2maps.com has the locations posted if you use that UI program.

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