Level: 70
Starting Zone: Upper Halls of Fate (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Triggered Item

– This is another quest in the epic Claymore quest line. It becomes available once you have completed “The Bowels of Bonemire.”

– It starts by inspecting one of the flaming sconces on the floor of the Atrium of Kildrukaun, which is at the bottom of the first staircase inside Halls of Fate.

– Your task is to kill 20 Doomwing droags for common updates. This goes fairly fast, and any sort of droag in Halls seems to work. It’s important to note that you will probably not want to kill the named Droag nearby, as you will need them for the next quest while you are still in Halls.

– After getting your 20 kills, you return to the scone. Then you need to inspect the other scones and say the words. You then are asked to do one last step, this is inspecting the Totem of Aaryonar that was a previous quest reward. This will finish the quest and spawn an NPC dragon that will give you the next three quests.

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