Level: 70
Starting Zone: Tenebrous Tangle (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Jabber Longwind

– This quest is yet another of the epic Claymore line of quests. It can be obtained from Jabber Longwind once you have completed “The Riddle of Razorwing” in Ascent of the Awakened.

– After talking to Jabber, you first need to find the entrance to The Den of the Devourer at the bottom of the “Hive” on Drednever Crash Site in Bonemire. You should get an update as soon as you near the entrance.

– Next, you need to enter the Den and fight your way through it, finding ten NPC “Tomes” as you progress. These tomes are actual non-aggro Mobs with names such as “Volume I” “Volume IX” “Volume V” etc. They do seem to respawn inside the instance, and the order you kill them is not important. It is important to kill all ten tomes before you kill The Devourer, as killing him is next and last step you will need in the Den.

– Next, you need to kill the following named mobs in the Bonemire:

  • The Carnovingian
  • The Carrion Mandragora
  • The Acrid Mother
  • The Humator Harridan
  • Haraghur the Deathless

– All of the above mobs are fairly easily killed with a good group, except for Haraghur, who is a 72×2 Epic mob who spawns in the catatoxic stain. He can be one grouped.

– Once you have defeated all of these mobs, return to Murrar Shar in Tenebrous Tangle to complete the quest.

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