Level: 70
Starting Zone: Ascent of the Awakened (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Triggered Item

– This quest is initiated by examining the statue of Razorwing in the center of the first floor of Ascent of the Awakened. Ascent is a zone populated entirely with Epic mobs, and the mobs you will need to clear to complete this quest are all epic x2, with a LOT of health.

– After you inspect the statue, you are required to harvest a number of ground spawn items on the first, and then the second floor. The items on the first floor are shiny wisps, easy to spot, and respawn fast. Those on the second floor are tiny replicas of dragon fangs that you have seen as decor in many KoS zones, and are extremely difficult to spot. Additionally, you will need to be standing nearly on top of them to harvest them.

– Once you have harvested all the objects that are required, return to the statue of Razorwing on the first floor to complete the quest and open up the next quest, “The Bowels of Bonemire.”

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