Level: 70
Starting Zone: Palace of the Awakened (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Triggered Item

– This quest is the 24th in the Claymore hallmark quest series. This quest is intiated by inspecting a dragon mount bust in Palace of the Awakened, after completing “Six O’Flock High.”

– The dragon bust is on the wall upstairs from where the Skylord spawns. It asks you to find the eyes of aaryonar. If you go to the green dragon tower and climb up the wall and climb 3/4 of the ways up you will see a bust. you need to inspect the bust and take the eyes. We found it easier to climb all the way up and go to the back and inspect it by looking down in first person.

– Once you have taken the eyes you are prompted to get 2 golden feathers from aviak felines. These are the merciless pets in the Skylord room. Then you take the elevator back up and place the feathers to the left and right of the dragon bust of aaryonar. There are two statues on either side, inspect them and you can place the feathers.

– You will then need to slay Naar’Yora Philosophers. These are located in the alcolves with the bookcases. You will need to clear the PH’s until you get them to spawn. Each alcove gives you an update for one book. Death, Arcana, War and Harmony. Once you have all the kill updates you are asked to place the books on the shelves.

– After placing the books you will be prompted to locate the fangs of aarryonar in the gem beds around the palace. The gem beds are the small blue and white vase’s that are around the palace – they look like they have hands rising out of them (or like swans). They have gems in them as well.

– The gems are a clickable update so no more spawning of harvestable items. There are 20 gems.

  • 3 Gems are in located in the Skylord room
  • 4 Gems are in the Gym Hall (green dragon area)
  • 2 Gems in the Hatchery
  • 3 Gems on the floor under the green dragon area
  • 4 Gems in the Lyceum of Naaryora (think blue dragon area)
  • 4 Gems in the Hall to the Blue dragon.

– Once you have the gems return to the first dragon bust. Insert the fangs and the eyes and you are ready for the last step.

– Go up to area where the Enmity of Aaryonar spawns. The floor directly under where it spawns is where you need the update. The trick is once you get the update you need to slay the Enmity. You can either clear around it if its up and then rush to center all get udpate and then kill or clear get update and wait for respawn. Once Enmity is dead speak with the shard and get your awesome reward.

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