Level: 70
Starting Zone: Palace of the Awakened (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Triggered Item

– This is the 23rd quest in the Claymore hallmark quest series. It continues in Palace of Awakened. You being this quest after completing “A Star to Unlock.”

– For this quest MAKE SURE you do not have any gems that came from the dragon room numbered 1 – 6. You will need to go to your bank and destroy them before doing this step.

– Go to the green dragon room. Inspect the banner in the room. Then inspect the book on banners in the same tower. Clear the room until you have LOOTED all 6 gems. Gem number 5 only drops off the dragon so be prepared to camp this for awhile for a full group. You will then need to place the gems in the correct order in the banners. This is an important step. If you mess it up you will have to recamp your gems.

The order is 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4 from left to right in that exact order

– After placing the gems in the banners, inspect the book on eggs on the west side of the room. Examine the key. Go down to the floor under the dragon and clear to the NE corner room. Inspect the chest inside and get an update and egg. Examine the egg. Kill Bloodscale Councilors for the egg crusher update.

– Once you get the update inspect the egg and crush it to receive the Fang of Aaryonar.

– After getting the fang it asks you to locate the second circle of naar’yora. This up the climable wall behind Iron Fang. The circle is in the center of the room. Once you have that update it will ask you to slay the mob that guards the circle. This is Skylord Stormclaw. He is either a 15 to 25 minute spawn with a PH. We found it easiest to just clear the room a few times.

– Once Skylord is dead talk to the shard that spawns in the circle. Quest complete.

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