Level: 68
Starting Zone: Palace of the Awakened (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Triggered Item

– This is the 22nd quest in the Claymore hallmark quest series. You can begin this quest after completing “The Maiden’s Reception” and receiving a fragmented star key. As the previous few, this quest takes place in Palace of the Awakened, Barren Sky.

– You are asked to find a source of information on how to assemble the star key. The source is a is a book on the hanging bookcases behind the blue invisible wall on the 3rd floor. Kill the flying tomes to gain access (we just cleared the entire floor). Mouse over the middle bookcase should be the second shelf from the bottem you will be able to inspect.

– It asks you to reforge the key, go to the Workshop at the end of the hallway (the hall leading to the dragon). You need to kill serveral crafters, tinkers, and the taskmaster (ph for Warden) as well as the Named Warden. He is on a 25 minute timer IIRC with a place holder at the bottem of the climable wall. You will also need to harvest some gears off the tables. These respawn fairly quickly.

– Once you have the gears and the kill updates you will need to use the table in the workshop to forge the key. Once you have the reforged key inspect it. It will give you a clue of roses. Go back to the 2nd floor and inspect the two statues that you didnt need for the Maidens quest. (Second floor, near the climbable wall)

– Go back to the 3rd floor and inspect the book of Arryonar with an A. This will begin a series of tasks.

– First task is to collect crystals from the baths. The baths are the long pools in the wings of the first floor and the ones in the hallways of the dragon towers. The crystals are harvestable. The only issue with crystals is there a time sink if everyone in your group needs as they do not respawn right away. Once you harvest one it spawns in a different area in the palace. Be prepared to spend time on this step. We found it easier to just run from bath to bath kill all the mobs in between.

– Once you have all of your crystals you will need to kill Iron Fang. Iron Fang is on the 4th floor once you come up the wall – he is the snake that spawns in the center caged room. You will need to clear the ghosts in the right and left rooms, 25 minutes later either Iron Fang on PH will spawn.

– Once Iron Fang is dead you will need to kill some Defenders of Naaryora. These are on the very top floor where the Enimty spawns. The Defenders can be found in the alcoves.

– After that update is complete it will ask you to place the 4 crystals. You will need to head to the green dragon tower. In there is a Deliberation chamber (just look for another circle on the floor). Walk into the circle and get your update. It then asks you to kill a powerful advisor. He is the named bird at the bottom of the climable wall.

– Once you kill the Advisor speak to the First Shard of Aaryonar that spawns in the circle. Your quest is now complete

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