Level: 60
Starting Zone: Sanctum of the Scaleborn (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Xhorroz

– This quest is initiated by talking to Xhorroz (located in the Fountain Room) once you have completed the “Keys to Trust” quest.

– Xhorroz wants you to retrieve ome scrolls from a stone chest. The chest is located in the ring event pit in the Halls of Rites (do down from fountain room and then head North at the crossroads)

– Inspect the chest to get an update. You need 4 eye gems to open the chest. Kill the marble aegis that surrond the walls of the Hall of Rites for auto updates.

– Once you have all 4 gems, return to the chest and retrieve your scroll.

– Take the scroll back to Xhorroz for your reward. This then opens up the quest “A Scalding Hot Encounter.”

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