Level: 60
Starting Zone: Sanctum of the Scaleborn (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Xhorroz

– Xhorroz will give you this quest after “An Uneasy Alliance.”

– The Scalding Hot Encounter involves finding and examing 3 sets of dread knights who spawn for people on the quest on three seperate blue trap things in the hallways near The Hall of Rites. A Droag Skeleton will spawn, examine him and a group of 3 down arrow heroic mobs will spawn and attack if you are not invised.

  • There is one on the left towards the Groag Pit (-33+,227).
  • There is one on the way to the Spirt Pool (+59,+101).
  • Go through the Hall of Rights and it’s down the room on the right. Open the door and go into the hall and you will find it there this one is tricky you may need to get really close to get the update (-59,+58).

– Do this at the 3 locations and then you have to search for the vault on a Big Gold Dragon Statue in The Hall of Rites.

– This is the Big Gold Dragon Statue (duh!) as you enter The Hall of Rites. The Vault is on the back of the Big Gold Dragon Statue The lower panel closest to the gorg pit (the ring event, sanctum trial stone) you can examine to update the quest. Return to Xhorroz for your reward.

Speak to Xhorroz again to open up “Trading Information.”

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