Level: 60
Starting Zone: Sanctum of the Scaleborn (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Xhorroz

– First update is examining a book called The Chant of the Exarchs (-17,-211) in the Exarch’s Seclusion (the ones with the froggies just off the The Hall of Rites).

– After Examining the book The Chant of the Exarchs you must kill Exarch Trulnariz Once you kill him you will need to find four keys from the Scaleborn Harbingers that spawn in the same room. This is a crapy part cause you don’t get the update everytime.

– After you get all the Keys from the Scaleborn Harbingers you go back to unlock the book The Chant of the Exarchs but it is too heavy So you need to get paper (8 Droag Wings, Any Droags) and chalk (8 Charcoal Clumps) These are located in the room to the right from the Exarch’s Seclusion. It’s called the Banisher Prepatory you will find the harvest items (Charcol Clumps) in the sand by the eternal aegis. If you are having trouble getting the Charcol Clumps in the Banisher Prepatory you can also get them in the sand in the Ready Room by the eternal aegis in that room.

– Once you fine all the Chalk and Paper you need to go back to the Exarch’s Seclusion and transcribe the tome.

– After you Transcribe The Chant of the Exarchs you need to find a Droag who can help you translate the map. Take the map to a Scaleborn Blasphemer in the Scaleborn Cell.

– Now venture to a Banishing Chamber and swipe a sacrificial blade from the Ceremony Weapon Rack (-174,-181). This is in the Recovery Room. The Ceremony Weapon Rack is half way up the wall in the back of the room after The Book of Sacrifice. Slay Scaleborn Ritualists and dip the blade into the corpes. The Scaleborn Ritualists can be found closest in The Hall of Rites. But can also be found in other places around The Sanctum of the Scaleborn such as the Pool of Spirits. Once you have killed enough Scaleborn Ritualists you need to put a sacrificial blade back into the Ceremony Weapon Rack. After you put a sacrificial blade back you need to go back to a Scaleborn Blasphemer in the Scaleborn Cell.

– The Scaleborn Blasphemer sends you to get an empty archwraith crystal in the Reservoir of Wraith (+115,-158). After your grab the empty archwraith crystal you need to destroy Tormented Wraiths until you one of their souls as a quest update. After you get the soul then you need to use the empty archwraith crystal to view at the Coded Map so that you can read it.

– After you have read the Coded Map you need to hide the Coded Map some where.

Hide the Coded Map in the Talonflight Armory you can hide the Coded Map in The Tome of Scaleborn Tactics (-49,+199) after you hide it return to Xhorroz to complete the quest.

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