Level: 65
Starting Zone: Sanctum of the Scaleborn (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Triggered Item

– Upon completing “Riddle of the Vault” you receive a Note from the Palace. This note is from High Priestess Harla Dar to Cyenadros, and states:

– Cyenadros, See to it that this crystal (a crystal of command that you also receive when opening the vault in the last quest) is destroyed after viewing its directive. We cannot have just any earth walker (you) prancing in here and dunking this gem into the spirit pool (The Pool of Spirits). – High Preistess Harla Dar of the Awakend

– You need to Peer at the Crystal but unfortunatly nothing happens so you need to find a place to Peer at the Crystal where it will do something. Goto The Pool of Spirits and jump into The Pool of Spirits examine the Crystal again to get the first update. The Crystal definitelty has magical properties, if not some form of creature inside of it. I need to take this Crystal and toss it into some sort of pool of apparitions, ghosts, ancestors, spirits or something! So throw it into The Pool of Spirits.

– After throwing the Gem into the pool, there is a spawn: Roughly translated Voice of the Sanctum, You have 1.5 min time to hail him.

Then return to the hidden refuge.

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