Level: 65
Starting Zone: Tenebrous Tangle (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Jabber Longwind

– Your first task is to speak with Jabber Longwind, who’s near the zone in to Barren Sky from Tenebrous Tangle. He sends you to talk to the Elders on Whisperwind Isle, located on top of the hideout. They will request that you seek out The Gentle Breeze by defeating The Ghastly Overcast on Cloudmist Island.

– The Ghastly Overcast itself is level 66^, and is located in the foggy area in the center of Cloudmist Island. If it is not already up, you will have to clear the placeholders, the nebulous hazes, until it spawns. After defeating the Ghastly Overcast, the Gentle Breeze will spawn. He requests that you obtain some items for him.

– The first is 10 uncommon auto-updates from the burrowers on Blackwind Isle.

– The second is 10 uncommon auto-updates from the Bloodscale Breeders on the Isle of Awakening.

– The last is 20 updates that must be mined from the blast-filled rock on Isle of Awakening.

– After collecting all the updates, you must return to the Gentle Breeze. You may have to kill the Ghastly Overcast again if the Gentle Breeze has already despawned. After speaking to the Gentle Breeze, return to the hooluk elders for your reward.

– his unlocks the 13th quest in the Claymore series, “The Great Egg Hunt.”

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