Level: 65
Starting Zone: The Barren Sky (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: High Guard Maeverick

– This is the 13th quest in the Qeynos Claymore series of quests. It is available after completing “Expedition to the Barren Sky.” It is initiated by speaking with High Guard Maeverick at the Windgazer Hideout in Barren Sky. If he is not at the hideout, he is currently captured and you will have to free him. This can be accomplished by heading to Prisoner Isle. Kill all the Wing Clippers on the island before they respawn to free him.

– Once you have the quest, you must head to the Nest of the Great Egg, which is an instance zone in Barren Sky, near the Windgazer Hideout. First you must collect six eggs for Maeverick, all of which are ground spawns within the Nest. You can only see them if you are currently on The Great Egg Hunt. There appear to be at least three of each egg that spawn in random locations throughout the nest, so more than one person can complete this quest per instance. Once you have collected all six eggs, you must kill Chamberlain X’Haviz. Return to Maeverick in Barren Sky for your reward. You may have to free him a second time if he’s been captured again. This unlocks the 14th quest in the Claymore series, “Scaled Salutations.”

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