Level: 68
Starting Zone: Palace of the Awakened (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– You may receive this quest after completing “The Visage of Aersterok.” This is 17th quest in the Claymore hallmark quest series.

– Return to the tome in the foyer of Palace of Awakening to continue this series. The tome tells you to find clues of the 4 Maidens of Theer.

– These are statues on the second floor circling the center of the rotunda. There are 6 statues but only 4 give you the updates. After you inspect all 4 you will need to inspect them again. You will recieve 4 sub quests.

  • “An Appetite for Coadjutants” – You must kill 6 Blacktalon Coadjutants.
  • “An Appetite for Partisans” – Kill 7 Partisans.
  • “An Appetite for Initiates” – You must kill 9 Blacktalon Intitates.
  • “An Appetite for Palace Guards/Knights” – You must kill 8 Palace Knights or 8 Palace Guards.

– There was and may stiill be a bug with the order you accept the quests. Just make sure you pick an appetite for palace Guards\Knights as you last quest and you should be fine. Complete all the subquests by killing mobs with the same names. Initiates were easier to find on the first floor in the wings.

– Once you have your kill updates turn them in to the appropriate statues. You will then be asked to walk the circle to claim your reward. All you need to do here is stand on the circle that is under the climable wall near the statues. This makes 4 suits of armor spawn, they are all linked. You have 5 minutes to kill them. Once dead you are rewarded with a star key. Examine this to start the next quest in the series, “A Star to Unlock.”

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