Level: 68
Starting Zone: Palace of the Awakened (Kingdom of Sky)
Starting NPC: Triggered Item

– This is the 16th quest in the Qeynos Claymore series of quests.

– It is available after completing “The Quill of the Flock.” It starts by reading the Book of Salutations in the foyer of Palace of the Awakened. Next, inspect the Visage of Aeristok in the center of the fountain on the first floor of the Palace.

– Once you inspect the Visage of Aeristok, you have to collect six Eyes of Aeristok, which are ground spawns that must be harvested throughout the first floor of the palace. There are three in each wing. There appear to be multiple spawn points for each eye. They’re rather hard to miss, since they glow extremely brightly and appear to show up onscreen at quite a distance.

– After collecting all six eyes, you must kill Palace Sentinels and/or Vigilants for six uncommon autoupdating pieces. (If you are doing this as a group – this is another quest in the series where one may get the update while another group member will not.) The drop rate is somewhat low; 25% or less. After getting all six autoupdates, return to the Visage of Aeristok and place the eyes in the base of the statue. Doing so spawns a level 67^^ named ghost, The Visage of Aeristok. Kill him to complete the quest. Return again to the tome in the foyer.

This unlocks the 17th quest in the Claymore series, “The Maiden’s Reception.”

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