Level 35

– Starts from examining a crate in Nektropos Castle Basement (-14,-32).

– In order to start this quest you must find and open a crate in the Marionette Doll room in the basement of Nektropos Castle. This quests has you following a large doll by the name of Billy around the castle. Often Billy will be up in rooms when you zone into the castle, if he is not up, you can zone in and out hoping he will pop. But if you have killed any Everlings, there will be an 18 hour lockout before you can re-enter. In order to get to the Marionette Doll room, you will have to have killed Everlings, so a lockout would be in effect if you zone out.

– You can also try to spawn Billy by clearing all the mobs in the room you want him to spawn in and then leaving the room until the next spawn cycle. GMs have confirmed that Billy is shy around people, so he will not spawn if you are in the room. You will need Billy to spawn in both the chapel and the gameroom, so I would recommend bouncing these two rooms until he spawns in both; you may also want to bounce the stables for the Swine King.

– First you must first kill Billy in the basement under Elise’s room. Billy is an instant activated spawn here, so there will be no need to kill PHs. Infact, Billy will continue to keep spawning here by bug; even after you have killed him.

– Next you must then kill Billy in the gameroom. This is a spawned room, you will neeed to keep killing mobs and leaving the room until he spawns. Remember, Billy will not spawn if you are in the room during the next spawn cycle.

– Finally you must kill Billy in the chapel. This is as well is a spawned room.

– After finding Billy in the chapel, go to the library and read a book in the secret area behind the bookcase (-23,+29). It’s written by Everling and he says, “the dolls I need always come to me in the courtyard”.

– Go down to the courtyard, the zone in area. Billy should be waiting down there and is hailable. The dialogue gives you two options either give him 5gp or yell at him. If you yell at him he agros and you must kill him. There is a bug where sometimes he will attack you and you will not be able to fight back. So pay him to 5g just to be safe. He tells you about the froglok ghost guy.

– Go to the jail and hail the Froglok Assassin, he tells you to get something to soothe his soul, directions for this can be found on a scroll in the hidden area of the library again. You need three things for this:

  • 21 Nyth dolls
  • Fiendish blood
  • Swine blood

– If you already There are only about 26 dolls in the zone, so if you killed any thus far, you may need to come back a second time. The Fiendish blood drops from an intant pop Archfiend that spawns when you leave the library. The Swine blood drops from the swine king you should have been spawning earlier.

– Once you get all 3 items, return to the froglok assassin and hail him. He depops at the end of quest conversation. If everyone finishes at the same time you’re okay, if not just wait ten minutes for him to repop. So try to time your hailing so that you all do it at once.

– The froglok tells you to kill Maltus Everling and get the mask from his chest. To finish the quest you inspect the chest that’s in the closet type area of the Everling Room (+224,+28). You must kill Everling to earn the right to open the chest.

Receive Reward: Guise of the Deceiver
Receive Reward: 43,500 Status Points

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